Overcoming Obstacles

Wow, here we are two months into the year and I have yet to write this post! I was going to write it right after our first race of the year, but…well, life happens, I guess! But that’s all related to this post, so I digress…

The first race of the year here on base was called the “Overcome Your Obstacles” run.  What a fun idea! It was about two miles long, but it was filled with various obstacles like walls to climb over, tires to test our agility, monkey bars, balance beams, and finally a big inflatable obstacle course at the end.  My hubby, my oldest, and I all ran it and we had a great time! It was so much fun to watch my oldest (I’ll call her Kiddo) tackle both the running and the obstacles with gusto, and to see how proud of herself she was when she finished!

Little did I know that a a few weeks later she would end up in the ER with appendicitis.  And I got to thinking – that obstacle race really was such a metaphor for life!  Obstacles are always going to be part of life.  It’s how we face them that determines our course.  The ER visit turned into surgery and a brief hospital stay.  It is one of the things that we as parents fear the most: having a child who is sick and not knowing why. And then having to watch them go through the fear of the unknown, and then the fear of the known, and wishing we could switch places with them.  So how do we get through obstacles like this?  If we have trained ourselves spiritually, then we can hold fast to the promises of God – a God who loves us and is faithful.  So that’s what Kiddo and I did as we sat there in the ER.  We prayed together – we asked for peace and for the doctors to clearly know what was wrong.  We talked about God’s promise to never leave us.  And I sent messages to friends and family to ask them to pray as well.  Because we know that “my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.”

God promises to help us overcome our obstacles in life.  We don’t always know how He is going to do this – sometimes “overcoming” doesn’t look how we think it will!  I definitely wasn’t expecting surgery when I took Kiddo to the ER that night!  But God provided.  He provided a friend who was still awake at midnight and who could come stay with the younger two so that Hubby could come to the hospital.  He provided amazing hospital staff who took such good care of us.  He provided such comfort in the prayers and messages from friends near and far.  He provided an amazing community here who loved on us in the days following surgery.  And He provided a quick recovery for my brave girl who learned a lot during the first month of this year about how to overcome the obstacles that both races and life throw at her.  

What obstacles are you facing in your life?  How can God’s promises help you to face them?